Charles Arling silent actor c. 1910s

Charles Arling silent actor c. 1910s


Finished my first book. @chelsealeannbauer #bookbinding

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A book I made to resemble a wooden cover. I painted watercolor paper over the cardboard cover and added metal corners.

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Monastery bound book I made in class😄📔#bookbinding

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This is a journal I made using the exposed stitch technique. 

Grab it here

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Been getting into bookbinding. I think this little sketchbook is my best yet, and even better I learned a bit to improve for next time.

The covers are canvas board painted in acrylics. The endpapers are contact sheets I shot and developed myself. It contains 54 pages (front and back) each roughly 2x3”.

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4” x 6” leather long stitch journal. 56 pages. Email for purchasing!

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Five miniature magic tomes are now available for sale in my etsy shop!

Each book takes about one week to complete, including the pain-in-the-neck ageing process I use on the pages and the endpapers to make them look like they are 100-200 years old.

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Wowzers! These and millions more just arrived by post from a friend who wore them out! Look for an amazing collection of journals and jewelry to come!! #victorianboots #victorian #leather #journal #book #bookbinding #jewellery

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